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How It Works

How IdeaGlow Works

Here’s a quick tour of how IdeaGlow idea management system works…

Set Up Your Own “Idea Site” – In Just 15 Minutes!

Set up your own Idea Site – a branded website for collaborating on ideas with your user community.

It is designed to maximize user engagement, using best practices from social networking and social games

your own idea site

Launch “Idea Challenges” – Innovate for Specific Business Needs, on a Timeline

Create and launch Idea Challenges focused on the top priorities of your organization – such as the top problems and/or opportunities.

Invite your user community – with just a few clicks – to submit ideas for these challenges…

idea challenge

Capture Ideas From Your Employees & Customers Directly

Capture ideas from your user community over the web, using your idea site.

Users can easily submit ideas – either in response to an Idea Challenge, or just general ideas. They can use rich text, images, and attachments to communicate ideas effectively…

idea rich text

Enable Employees & Customers to Vote On Ideas

Enable the members of your user community to vote on ideas they like the best.

Choose from multiple voting styles, and assign different weighting to different user groups. Tap into the power of systematic idea management…

idea rich text

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Users Collaborate to Flesh Out Ideas

Enable your users to collaborate with each other via discussions, likes, follows and other “social” features – to flesh out ideas.

Users can collaborate on your idea site using rich text, images, and attachments in a powerful fashion to develop the best ideas…

collaborate on ideas

“SmartRewards” Keep Users Engaged & Motivated

SmartRewards system in IdeaGlow rewards your users with carefully designed virtual rewards – such as badges & points.

SmartRewards keep your users engaged & motivated – and increase the activity on your idea site – leading to more ideas, more collaboration & more success!

your own idea site

Popular Ideas Rise to Top; Prioritize Them Further

Ideas that get more votes rise to the top automatically – driven by the collective desires of your user community. Identify the most popular ideas easily.

Then, further analyze and prioritize ideas using custom criteria – to identify the best ideas for implementation…

popular ideas

Act On The Best Ideas – Keep Users Engaged

Act on the best ideas – by easily exporting them into your project management, product development, or other tools.

Reward users who submitted ideas that are implemented, and keep them engaged.

popular ideas

IdeaGlow has many other powerful idea management features.

We’re constantly enhancing IdeaGlow based on feedback from our customers. See whether IdeaGlow can help you tap into the great ideas from your employees and customers too – schedule 1-on-1 demo

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