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Most idea management systems (IMS) suffer from one huge flaw. This white paper identifies this flaw and offers a Silver Bullet to fix it…

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Learn about 5 common mistakes to avoid in your Idea Management System, and practical steps you can take to make it successful…

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Get practical tips on how to build a successful Employee Suggestion Program, and avoid the 5 big mistakes that cause failure…

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What Is IdeaGlow?
A Fun 3-Minute Video!

What is IdeaGlow? Watch this fun video...

This fun, 3-minute video gives you a quick intro into “What is IdeaGlow?”

The storyline for this video is based on a composite of actual IdeaGlow customer experiences.

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The Industry’s Easiest-to-Use
Idea Management Software


Why Choose IdeaGlow?

Here are 7 big reasons


What Benefits Do I Get?

You get these 5 benefits


How Much Does It Cost?

Affordable pricing

Who Uses IdeaGlow Today?

Innovation teams, Product teams, Process Improvement teams, and HR teams at leading companies – across all industries – use IdeaGlow today.


Innovation Teams

How do they use it?


Process Improvement Teams

How do they use it?

Happy Customers Across Industries

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